The benefits of Aromachologie have taught us an important lesson: plants have fabulous powers to convey to us. With a selection of the noblest essential oils for your well-being, L’OCCITANE invites you to partake of a garden with a thousand virtues.

Essential Oils

In the mysterious process of distillation, when the heat extracts the essence of plants, we renew our link with nature. The pure oil allows the body and mind to rediscover harmony and well-being. Essential oil is extracted from plants through steam distillation, or expression, in the case of citrus fruits. In steam distillation, the plant material is heated by steam and the oils are extracted, drop by drop, as the liquid cools. In expression, the rind or zest of citrus fruit is scratched and pressed. The resulting liquid is left to separate so that the essential oil can be collected. Easily modified by heat, light and humidity, essential oil is always stored in dark glass bottles.

A Host of Benefits

Products that revitalize, purify and relax. Natural bases and essential oils to let you create your own blends. Special shampoos and conditioners for dry, damaged, normal, fine or oily hair and to treat dandruff.