The source of eternal youth for your face


Immortelle is also known as "everlasting" because the flowers retain their form and colour when dried. L'Occitane found a specific variety of immortelle on Corsica, the "Island of Beauty". This small yellow flower produces an essential oil with enviable properties is said to hold the secret to eternal youth.


The Legend

According to a Greek legend, Ulysses was shipwrecked on the island of Pheacia. There he met the king's daughter, who was renowned for her goddess-like beauty. The people claimed that to preserve this beauty she anointed herself with precious golden oil extracted from immortelle flowers, said to have considerable regenerative properties. To help Ulysses recover, she gave him a vial of this famous immortelle essential oil. After applying it to his body, Ulysses regained the strength and beauty of a demi-god and was able to resume his fabulous voyage.


L’Occitane Immortelle plantation

L’Occitane has started its own plantation growing an organic crop in rich Corsican soil near the town of Aleria. This allows us to ensure the highest standards in raising and harvesting a superior quality ingredient.


Immortelle anti aging skincare

Immortelle essential oil acts on three levels*:

  • it multiplies collagen production by six, thus improving skin firmness and filling out wrinkles from within
  • it improves skin microcirculation, stimulating cell renewal
  • it improves skin microcirculation, stimulating cell renewal
  • it protects the skin against free radicals, helping to prevent the signs of aging.

*Effectiveness measured in lab test



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