Our 5 Commandments for Beating the Winter Blues

With falling temperatures and decreased light, winter can significantly impact on morale, even provoking a "seasonal affective disorder" (SAD). Between practical advice and pampering treatments, L'Occitane shares some tips to chase away the dark thoughts and adapt to the rhythm of winter.

By Mélissa Darré

1. Go outside

As the Indian summer progresses, exposure to light becomes increasingly scarce, bringing with it both physical and mental imbalances. From feeling a little down, to seasonal depression, your body clock demands light, while you just want to stay curled up in bed. To fight against the prevailing melancholy, soak up every little ray of sunshine, for at least one hour each day. In the evening, L'Occitane Scented Candles take over by increasing the light in your home and warming it with an intoxicating caress.

2. Manage Your Sleep

Among the symptoms of winter blues, fatigue figures highly. The reduction in sunlight can actually cause a change in melatonin levels: the famous sleep hormone. To limit the sensation of weariness, it’s essential to adopt a regular rhythm, making a clear distinction between day and night. At bedtime, use the Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow to promote a regenerating sleep, thanks to its exceptional formula rich in essential oils.

3. Take a Vitamin Boost

Seasonal depression and eating disorders often go hand in hand. Marked by anxiety and depression, this gloomy period is conducive to impulse snacking, with a marked preference for sugar. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish or seafood
rich in omega-3 are as many allies for regaining a balanced diet and dosing up on vitamins. Finally, enjoy the power of plants, including St. John's Wort, which is endowed with considerable anti-depression properties.

4. Spoil Yourself

Sadness, irritability, anxiety... these little troubles tend to accentuate with the winter. To prevent depression, treat yourself to moments of comfort and relaxation. Listen to soothing music, enjoy a relaxing massage, read a book by the fire; every moment of wellbeing is a plus. As for treatments, the L'Occitane Honey & Shea Butter range is your ideal partner, combining generosity and vitality, it will bring you the perfect touch of softness in all circumstances.

5. Practice Regular Physical Activity

Linked to fatigue and loss of motivation, lack of energy proves to be a particularly crippling symptom of the winter blues. More than ever, it’s important to practice a regular physical activity, in order to eliminate the maximum amount of stress which could increase your state of depression. By exerting yourself during exercises or a simple 20-minute power walk, the body stimulates the production of endorphins, for an immediate sense of wellbeing. Perfect for a mid-winter reboost!
Our 5 Commandments for Beating the Winter Blues
L'Occitane shares some tips to chase away the dark thoughts and adapt to the rhythm of winter
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