They are strong, full of joy and positive energy. Two talented Polish actresses known from films, series and theater performances. Two exceptional women, wonderful mothers and friends. Two new L'Occitane brand ambassadors in Poland - Aleksandra Popławska and Olga Boładź - with us from today.


Award-winning actress and theater director. Valued for the role of the charismatic prosecutor Iga Dobosz from the three series of the series entitled HBO Poland's "Wataha", Her role of "Siekiera" in Patryk Vega's "Kobiety Mafii" and the role of NINA in Maciej Kawulski's "UNDERDOG" brought her popularity. The "Szadź" series has just appeared on the Player platform and on TVN, where she plays the main role - the police commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska who fights addiction. On a daily basis, she belongs to one of the most interesting Polish theater companies of the TR Warszawa theater.
Off the screen, she is rather the opposite of most of her "sharp" movie characters - open, empathetic, full of joy and positive energy. She leads an active lifestyle, has been practicing yoga for many years, she goes skiing, cycling and sailing. She lives close to nature, in the buffer zone of the Kampinos Forest, together with his teenage daughter Antonina, partner, also actor Marek Kalita, and the whole pack of animals - dogs, cats and rats. She cares for a healthy diet, appreciates naturalness and natural, healthy cosmetics with plant ingredients, e.g. Anti-Aging cosmetics from the Immortelle series, the almond series or cosmetics with Shea Butter.
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OLGA BOŁĄDŹ, L'Occitane Ambassador

Olga is one of the most recognizable Polish actresses. We know her strong and uncompromising heroines perfectly well; "Białko" from the film and TV series Special Services, Bela from Kobiety Mafii, Daniela from Botoks, "Żyleta" from Motyw, Jagna from Wataha, but we also remember the moving character of Agata Mróz from the movie Nad życie. In 2020, she made her debut on the other side of the camera as a producer, writer, and director. She is also known for many theater roles.
He has a lot of humility and ... normality. She loves spending time with her son Bruno, loves nature and nature. Olga is very often involved in social matters important to her - she founded the Gerlsy Foundation, supports the Rak'and'Roll Foundation, and a few months ago she challenged Polish actresses, persuading them not to give in to the fashion of wearing evening dresses only once and show herself repeatedly on the red carpet in the same dress.
Why does Olga like L'Occitane? Because she appreciates effective cosmetics with natural ingredients. Her favorites are Almond shampoo, Verbena products, Imorrtelle face cream and essential water, as well as light lip glosses and lipsticks.


We admire their wonderful film and theater creations, we support social and charity campaigns in which they take part and activities aimed at supporting women. Due to what they are, how they live, what they do and what values they share, they are extremely close to us and that is why we are so proud that they have become L'Occitane Ambassadors in Poland. Our worship works both ways - L'Occitane loves Ola and Olga, and they like and use our cosmetics, and they admire the brand for its environmental activities, supporting local producers and farmers, and for helping the economic emancipation of women in Burkina Faso .