How to boost your skin?
Tired of your beauty routine? Or simply don’t know if you do it well?
No worries! We tell you everything on how to properly prepare, boost and protect your skin day after day.


Another day facing pollution, hard water and traces of sebum?
If you want your beauty routine to be efficient, you need to start with a deep face cleansing.
Oil, milk, tonics: no magic here, your choice will depend on your skin type and your needs as well as your texture preferences. Do not forget to pay attention to the active ingredients of the cleanser.

The tips:
When you apply your cleanser, massage gently with a soft cotton.
Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. A soft scrub will remove all of the dead cells of your skin and stimulate the cell renewal. This way, you’ll say hello to a shinier glow.
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Your skin is now perfectly clean, it’s time to apply the Reset Oil-in-Serum!
Suitable for all skin types, it contains the right concentration of active ingredients, including 3000 immortelle bubbles. It is perfect to prepare your skin to welcome all of the benefits of your l'OCCITANE skincare.
Whether you are looking to hydrate, your skin, reduces redness or get visible anti-aging results, the Reset serum is the solution!

The tips:
The serum should be applied before your moisturizer, on a clean and dry skin.
When applying the serum, lightly pat your face with the palms of your hands.
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Far too often, day creams, night creams, SPF creams or even face mists are considered to be the first step in a facial skincare routine - when in fact they should be the last!
Indeed, it is a question of maintaining the hydration of the skin, enabling it to fully exercise its protective barrier function.
If you need to nourish your skin, try one of L'OCCITANE formulas with shea butter. Try the lightweight version, ideal for normal to mixed skin, containing 5% shea, or try the ultra-rich version, containing 25% shea, ideal for dry to very dry skin.
If your concern is rather the fight against the signs of skin aging, opt for our Divine Immortelle Cream.
And if you want a brighter complexion, try the  Reine Blanche brightening Cream.
Finally, if you intend to expose your skin to the sun, we invite you to use one of our creams with SPF protection.

The tips:
Always choose a cream with an SPF if you expose your skin to the sun during the day.
The  neck and décolleté are as important as the face! Do not forget to apply moisturizer.
Apply small spots all over your face. Smooth it out in small, upward, circular motion.
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