Radzka is a fashion enthusiast, video blogger and author of the book „Radzka radzi Tobie dobrze w tym”. Recently she has confessed to L’Occitane that she is …thirsty. And it’s not only the thirst to hydrate her skin which she has perfectly quenched with our new moisturizing face care collection Aqua Reotier. She is also thirsty for life – sincere smiles, moments of delight, true relationships, fashion challenges and new destinations. To find out more, visit us our Facebook profile and follow Radzka on YouTube.

Ultrahydration thanks to Aqua Reotier

“I love the new Aqua Reotier collection for its unbelievable hydrating and refreshing properties. It’s a true relaxation for my skin.” Radzka

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The greatest challenges are about stylizing other people.


She is happy to have amazing friends!


Coffee, beautiful scents, walks around the city, meeting friends.


“I’m most thirsty for…life! And what it brings us every day! To me life is getting to know, discovering and acting. I love meeting new people, visiting interesting places, getting inspired by culture and also going back to our history and roots.”

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Radzka & bloggers

Our befriended bloggers met up to get to know our novelties and secrets of Ebru – an art of painting on water.

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