Since its foundation, L'Occitane has been globally involved in international environmental projects and dynamic local activities, cooperating with foundations and organizations that protect the environment and biodiversity. In Poland, we are associated with the AgriNatura Foundation to jointly restore historical varieties of Polish fruit trees and support Polish CSA farms.

CSA – the idea we love!

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture, is a partnership between a group of people and one or more food producers, in which the parties share the risks, responsibilities and benefits of agriculture. This partnership is built on direct relationships, based on a long-term binding agreement*. In other words, selected farms (eager to cooperate) are financially supported by people who regularly (usually once a week) receive a part of the harvested crops. In general, such cooperation is established between farmers and residents of large cities, who want their food (vegetables, fruits, dairy products) to come from farms that respect ecology, animal welfare, environmental protection and employ agri-environmental good practices on a daily basis.
Learn more about farms operating within the CSA model in Poland

Relations are key

CSA farms provide fresh, local, seasonal, healthy and varied food to those who do not always have access to such food as they live in large cities. In addition to the benefit in the form of a "box" with vegetables or other products from a CSA farm collected once a week, direct and sometimes even very close relationships between producers and recipients are established. They are based on sharing responsibility for crops, trust, understanding, respect, transparency and cooperation.
L'Occitane is happy to actively support the CSA model in Poland: we have become the patron of the Polish CSA farms website, we will co-finance training for farmers who would like to set up this type of farm and encourage city residents and our clients to cooperate with CSA farms, because... we order fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit from CSA farm in Wojciechówka ourselves.

How does it work?

The operation and cooperation rules are very simple: first you find a farm that adopted the CSA model, then you pay a certain amount of money to finance the preparation, cultivation and delivery of the food throughout the season. Products are usually delivered from April until October. However, a cooperation with a CSA farm requires, apart from the fee, the consumer‘s helping hand at the farm. This is an extremely important element of co-responsibility for crops and a great way to tighten the relationship. Weeding and watering flower beds, and helping on the farm as such are a great way for many "city slickers" to spend a weekend away from the city, relax and enjoy some active time outdoors. We do it too and encourage our customers to participate as well. You can sign in today!

L’Occitane orchards

Not only do we support the CSA model in Poland, we also do our best to protect biodiversity. Therefore, in the spring of 2020, together with the AgriNatura Foundation, we planted seedlings of historical apple varieties to restore their cultures and thus enrich biodiversity. Thanks to funds collected from the sale of a Special Beauty Set and the financial support of the L'OCCITANE Foundation, we planted as many as 547 fruit trees: 355 old apple varieties (including Kosztela, Antonówka, Szara Reneta and Papierówka), 45 pear trees (including the famous Clapp’s Favorite and Conference), 78 plum seedlings, 52 cherries and 17 sweet cherries. Our orchards are already growing in Kamienny Bród in the Podlachia region, in Wesoła and Izdebki in Subcarpathia, in Książ Wielki in Lesser Poland, and in Powodowo Drugie near Łódź.
We’ll continue to plant more L'Occitane orchards!

* Official CSA definition from the European Declaration on Community Supported Agriculture signed the 17th September 2016 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.


L'Occitane brand actively and with great joy supports the idea of CSA in Poland: we have become the patron of the website about Polish farms, we will co-finance further training for farmers who would like to set up this type of farm and encourage city residents and our clients to sign in for deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables.